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Guide to Hair Extensions


Hair Addictionz: Guide to Hair Extension Care

Thank you for choosing Hair Addictionz for your hair extension services! Caring for hair extensions is a bit different from caring for natural hair. Here is our ultimate care guide for your new hair extensions:

Essential Care Products:

  • Soft bristle brush
  • Non-sulfate, professional quality hair care products. We recommend Pureology products such as Nano Works, Color Fanatic 21 Essential Benefits spray, and Hydrating Mask treatments(once per week, midshaft to ends only)

Everyday Care:

  • Using a soft bristle brush, brush hair from the bottom and gently work up.
  • Gently tie hair up or braid while sleeping.
  • To help prevent tangling, run fingers in between each extension.
  • Use a heat protectant on ends of the hair if styling everyday with hot tools (flat iron, curling iron)

How to Wash:

  • It is very important before washing hair to brush out well.
  • When washing, wash natural hair as normal, but on extensions remember to just rinse shampoo and conditioner through the hair. Do not scrub or smash hair together! Doing so will rough up the cuticle and destroy the hair. Remember your extensions are not like your own hair, they do not get oily and greasy, just dusty and dirty.
  • Don't put conditioner at the base of extensions.
  • Because hair extensions do not get oily, hair washing is only recommended twice per week to preserve the quality of the extensions. If you must wash your hair more often, tie hair extensions up and wash top of hair in the sink.
  • Never sleep with wet hair!

Additional care tips:

  • Swimming: Use a leave in conditioner on the ends and braid the hair. Make sure to wash and condition the hair when done.
  • Exercising: You may wear hair in a ponytail. When done exercising, brush hair out well and let air dry, then restyle.
  • Do not color your own hair extensions at home.
  • Remember our extensions are human hair and may need to be trimmed every once in a while to cut off split ends.

Hair extensions are not for everyone. Sometimes the hair follicle is too weak to allow the extensions to stay in; sometimes there may be a chemical imbalance within the client’s body, possibly due to medications, which could affect the natural hair; the client does not take proper care of the hair extensions; or simply the natural hair is too oily. These are not normal circumstances, but in such instances Hair Addictionz, LLC is not responsible.


Happy Hairstyling!

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