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​Natural Wave Hair Extensions VS. Body Wave Hair Extensions VS. Yaki


All Hair Textures are beautiful and unique. There are none that are better than others, the only difference is some may match your hair texture much easier. Whether you have thick, thin, or medium-thick hair, choosing the kind of texture you want may be even more important then deciding on how much you are deciding to buy. Why? Because matching your texture ensures better blending

Some people may have naturally very straight hair. Some may have very curly hair. Some have coarse hair. Not everyone has time to flat iron or curl their hair on a daily basis. Choosing a texture that fits your hair can make styling more convenient and less time consuming. Some may want a range of different hair textures to play with different styles. Want to have curly hair today and straight tomorrow? The choice is yours. Some may just want a certain texture that is easily flat iron AND easy to curl. We offer 3 hair textures; Natural Wave, Body Wave, and Yaki.

Natural Wave

Soft, silky, with a slight natural wave pattern. Available in 14-16", 20", and 26", It can be flat-ironed fine straight and it holds curls as well. Great choice if you like to change up your style. Also a great choice for someone who has that bone straight hair that just won’t hold a curl. Natural wave is by far our most popular hair type.

Body Wave Hair Extensions

 A popular texture because of its versatility. Available in 20", It has lots of body and volume. It can be worn in its natural wavy state or styled bone straight. The Body Wave texture has a natural and elegant bounce that exhibits volume and robustness. Hair Addictionz Hair Extensions highly recommends the Body Wave texture if you would like to achieve a more “S” wave pattern, Or loose orange perm rod curl type.

Yaki Hair Extensions

Sometimes it is not important to get an exact texture match for some people. But for others, it may be more important to match their texture accordingly. For example; someone with a natural Yaki coarse texture may have trouble trying to blend their hair with a silky straight texture, or vice versa. Some people may prefer a silkier texture even if their own natural hair is coarser, but may just have to use different products and styling tools to blend their hair with the extensions. However, some obvious textures may require an exact match such as our Yaki Straight (as it would not blend well with someone who has naturally fine silky thin hair). This beautiful textured hair comes in 18" and straight form


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