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​Switching to Hair Addictionz


Switching to a new hair extension method can be a scary concept, not just for you but for your clients as well. Most of the time clients get referred to a specific type of extensions by a friend or family member, and that sort of recommendation is hard to overcome.

Here are a few tips from us to help you through the process of getting your clients addicted to Hair Addictionz!

Explain to your client why you believe Hair Addictionz is a better choice for her.

Most extension methods cause damage, such as breakage and bald spots. Hair Addictionz tape-in extensions don’t cause damage. The hair is hand tied to a 1.25” soft, skin like panel, and the micro tape used to apply the panel attaches to itself, not to the hair or scalp.

Show your client a package of Hair Addictionz hair vs. a bundle of hair from previous method.

With single strand hair extension methods, most clients require many bundles of hair to achieve a full, luscious look. With Hair Addictions, the average client needs just 60 panels of hair. Explain to your client the cost difference between the different methods

Place of couple of panels in your clients hair along with the existing method.

Placing a couple of panels in your clients hair is the best way to show your clients what to expect. Hair Addictionz tape-in extensions lay flat against the head, and are also very easy to conceal. Allowing your client to wear Hair Addictionz gives her a realistic idea of what she can expect when wearing a full head of tape-in extensions.

And finally, time is money.

Not only is your time valuable, but your client’s time is valuable as well! Hair Addictionz takes as little as 45 minutes to apply, while other methods can take up to 5 hours. This means you can complete your clients extensions and get her on her way quickly. No one enjoys 5 hour appointments, and with just 24 hours in a day one long appointment can take up someone’s entire day.

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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