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How To Apply Hair Addictionz Hair Extensions?

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One question that we are often ask is "how do I apply Hair Addictionz Hair Extensions?" the process is extremely simple and can take as little as 45 minutes. below I will give you the step-by-step on how to do it.

~First, you wash the hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove all product residue and natural oils from the scalp. You do NOT use conditioner.

~Next you completely blow dry the hair and set up to apply. You will need clips (at least 3), a tail comb, a flat iron, and shears if you are "cutting in" the extensions. I often find it to be useful and time-saving to put the client under the dryer and set up while they are there. Once the clients hair is dry and you are all set up you're ready to get started. 

~Start by separating the hair, putting the sides forward at about the ear working from the occipital bone and working your way up. You want to stay about an inch away from the hairline so that if the hair is worn up the bonds are not visible.

~Starting at the occipital bone, use your tail comb to take a paper thin slice of hair (you want to be able to see through it)  use your tail comb to smooth the hair into the adhesive

remove the paper backing on the adhesive that is attached to the extension,

 place 1 extension panel underneath the paper thin slice of hair, about 1/8"- 1/4" away from the scalp

 use your tail comb to smooth the hair into the adhesive,

place 1 extension on top creating a "sandwich". Express caution to not place any hair that extends outside of the width of the panels into the sandwich as this places tension on those hairs. I start each row by placing my outside pieces first to ensure that I don't run out of room on either side of the hairline.

~press the pieces together as if you were sealing a Ziploc sandwich bag

~use your flat iron and slightly "bump" the bond for about 2 seconds. You do not want to use too much heat or apply for too long as this can melt the bond, you simply want to heat it up slightly to pop the air bubbles that are contained within the micro tape and allow the tape to adhere to itself.

~Once you have one row completed, it is time to pull your next section down. The amount of hair that you pull down depends on how much hair you are using, which can vary based on how much hair the client has naturally and how blunt the existing haircut is. The average per client is about 1 1/2 packs of hair (or 60 pieces/ 30 sandwiches). If you are not placing very much hair, you can space your extensions out more. If you are putting a lot of hair in you want to take smaller sections. 

~Continue working your way up the Hair by bricklaying the extensions so you do not create any awkward gapping. The goal here is to make the extensions blend seamlessly with the hair, so that they are not noticeable.

~as you work your way up the Hair be aware of any "cowlicks" or natural parting that may occur in the crown area of the head. I typically do not go any higher than the parietal ridge. 

~Once you have completed the back you can move on to the sides. You want to express caution with the sides because most people like to put their hair up, and going too close to the front hairline can cause pulling on the fragile and often times thinner baby hairs along hairline.

~When you are done applying the extensions your next step is to blend them in by slide cutting the Extensions slightly so you do not create any awkward layering. Again the goal is a seamless, flawless look. I like to pick up sections of hair, fan it out, and gently slide my shears along the fan while closing them starting where the natural layer ends and the extensions begin. If this is a technique you are unfamiliar with, it may be helpful to try it out on a willing participant or manikin head before doing it on a client.

I finish every appointment by styling the hair, either straight or curled, taking a picture for my portfolio, and booking my clients maintenance appointment. On average, most clients will need their extensions removed and reapplied every 2-4 months, but some clients prefer to have them re-done more often. 

And there you have it, a complete step-by-step guide on how to apply Hair Addictionz Hair Extensions! I hope you find it useful. As always if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below, visit us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or reach us by phone at 623-374-2874.

Check in next week, when I cover the art of Tape In Extension Removal!

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