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Time is Money


Hair Addictionz wants you to know ALL of our tips and tricks to save you tricks to save you time! After all, “time is money” Not all of our Hair Addictionz stylist are able to attend our classes, so Hair Addictionz is bringing the class to you! “How do you remove the old tape without leaving a mess?” This is the biggest concern we get. We are going to make your life so easy right now.

Adhesive remover for our Tape-Ins. First things first, We DO NOT use an oil-based remover for our tape removal. You will spray Hair Addictionz Adhesive remover to the Hair panel, move the panel side to side to start unlocking the hair panel. Remember our remover is your friend and because it is not oily you don’t have to worry about using too much. Get a metal rat tail comb and slide it in between the sandwich piece about ¼ of the way toward the center then make an opening towards the edge so you can peel the pieces away from each other. If you put the metal rat tail comb right down the center of the two pieces the tape should come right out, if it happens to stay on the hair then respray that piece a lot and take your fingers and rub together. It will start to emulsify then re spray again and take your rat tail comb and comb it up and down on the hair as it starts to loosen and come out. After your extensions have been in for a while you will notice there will be a sticky residue left in the hair. VERY IMPORTANT! After removal of each piece you must saturate that areas with adhesive remover and run a small tooth comb up and down the hair that has the residue on it. Make sure you do not do this after taking out all of the extensions. You will get a much better result cleaning each area as you are taking them out. Once you are done with this then you may take your client to the bowl and shampoo their hair, then apply conditioner take a fine tooth comb and comb thru all of the hair (this will break up any remaining residue left on the hair. You will want to repeat this step 2 -3 times before taking them to your chair to cut and blow-dry)

For ALL of our stylist who just have to make sure each extension is in the exact place you can use a Styrofoam wig head. While you’re taking the wefts out, pin them on the Styrofoam head in the same order you take them out. You’ll know just where to place them back on your client’s head again. You can purchase these pins and heads at most beauty supply houses. You may want to invest in a small stand as well to it does not get top heavy. The other way you can do it is simply by placing the long pieces in one pile and the layers in the other pile and put them back in the hair by length. You may have to cut a little here and there after placing them back in.

No need to Clarify your extensions. Because we do not use an oil base remover you can simply take off the old tape and apply new tape and reattach to your clients hair. We usually have you ask your client to shampoo and condition their hair extensions the day before they come in for their service so they are nice and clean and free from and water molecules for a better hold and of course to save you time. We all love to save time!

For more suggestions just ask! We are here to make things easy on you. Hair Addictionz wants you to be successful! If you’re not successful then we are not successful!

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